Stop Exploit Feminism

It is soon the 8th of March, my birthday but also, and more importantly, International Women’s Day where girls and women’s rights are being both honoured and defended. This is the one day that really show’s off how women all around the world has it, and is also a great chance of making a change for many women, even you and me. International Women’s Day is a day for feminism (not the man-hating kind, the important kind) and it should be focused on the injustice that still exist this year, 2012.

Garbage – Stupid Girl

But this is not the case. When I was in Lapland, mum and me discussed an article in the local newspaper where all girls where invited to a event which included make up, dresses and I am sure dolls and other girly stuff, on the 8th of March. Mum made the comment that “Hah, that would never you and I go to, we went to discuss the important things like womanly rights instead” and I agreed with her that that was what the day was for. I also commented that it was probably only up there in Lapland it was like this.

I went home and did not think more about it, until I save a advert in today’s newspaper about a “Girls Night Out” in one of the shopping centers in town. I was curious and read more about it on the shopping center’s webpage. The event describtion began with the words “We have filled the entire shopping center with goodie bags, styling tip, make up and offers. All that we girls like. And of course something to rest the eyes on…” I got horrified by reading this, this is NOT what International Women’s Day about. And also claiming that make up and styling is the only thing girls like is a way of objectifying women greatly. It is giving women all around the world a little pat on the head and say “There there little girl, we don’t have to fight about your right’s anymore. Go and play dress out with your friend’s instead.” 

Only this one thing is bad enough, but what is worse is, that they are trying to exploit feminism. Make it a way of earning money from a day which is not Christmas, Easter or any other holiday, but a day that got created because it was needed to put women’s right’s in the spotlight. One day per year we focus on this and it has made a difference for millions of women and still do. Exploiting this day is in my opinion horrible and disgusting. And are really not helping feminism, the other way around.

What I want to say is, to all people out there looking on 8th of March as a day to satisfy your greed, Stop Exploit Feminism! It is way to important for many lives.

PS. If you want to read about feminism, I recommend this in english and this in swedish. 



  1. Hey, that is just terrible! I haven’t seen anything like that in London yet but now I will look out for it. Mostly, sadly, International Women’s Day is just ignored in the UK. It will be a sickening travesty of its meaning and intention if it’s turned into a day for girly consumerism and exploitation, yuk.

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