Pretty Things that Inspires Me

Oh, I just got to show you some of the photos I have taken last month (from 10th of february and forward) which has been a huge inspiration and a source of joy for me. I love everything that is pretty and neat, but also things other people consider ugly, but today, let’s focus on the pretty stuff in my life. ūüôā

1. Cute baby stuff, like this vintage piece I bought in a second hand shop.¬†I have been given most of the baby stuff and inherited a lot of it, plus I had such an excellent mother who has saved all my clothes from my early years, so I don’t really need to buy clothes to my baby. But sometimes I have walked by incredible cute stuff and this piece above I could not resist.

2. Nice houses.¬†Most houses out there has a superb¬†architecture, if you just look for it. Many many houses has inspired me in the way I dress, cheered me up when I am sad¬†because of some fun detail I have not noticed before and been beautiful to look at because of it’s rich colour.

3. A piece of London everywhere. I love London. There I said it. And not only because Adam is a Londoner, but also because it is a charming town with a lot of history, places to see, foods to eat, dresses to be find and so on. London never ends. You can imagine my joy when I did found a piece of London far far away from London, all the way up in Lapland here in Sweden. Talk about contrast with the¬†reindeer’s¬†and the sleighs around the corner.

4, My new project at home.¬†I always have a project I want to do, may it be making clothes, toys, food or *insert random thing here*, and I also have 4-5 projects I want to do in my head. And now, finally I am starting with one of them. I am going to create a mirror wall, with both small and big mirrors, ugly, pretty one’s, round, square shaped, name the mirror and I want it on my wall. So far I only got two, one I found in my student house (people put out stuff they don’t want there, at the moment we have like 20 books lying in a window) and the other one from IKEA. I have¬†announced¬†after more mirrors, let’s hope any will come.

5. FIKA! As the Swed I am, I love to fika (being social with friends/family over some cake and tea/coffee) and meeting my friends and having a nice chat is a must to get inspired. I also love that most of the baked stuff look so yummy and stylish on the same time, that I always take a photo of it, to keep the inspiration. I do have a sweet tooth sometimes.


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