Restless? Go paint that shelf!

Oki, this week end I have been doing way to much at home. I am not sure if Adam would approve all the stuff I did (moving beds, bookshelves, carry stuff down to the basement) as I am in the 6th month, but I feel fine and the baby moves as it shall so why shouldn’t I do this? Truth be told, I have been restless a lot. Good school starts again tomorrow.

One of the things I have been doing (if you follow my twitter you know this already) is fixing some shelving in the kitchen, to get some more storage for the tea and owl collection that lives there. I bought the shelves at a second hand store for almost nothing, but repainted them black so they would match the kitchen towels.

Work in progress. 

It is really easy to repaint shelves, you first clean it and then paint it. I used spray paint as I am lazy and did not want to clean up to much. Bought my spray paint on Panduro, but you can buy spray cans anywhere. Just be sure you have a window open as it gives of a strong smell.

Even if you work with spray paint, you can get dirty, so be careful! 

Making stuff yourself is a great way of getting it exactly as you want it. This year I have already been repainting the kitchen (lovely red walls) for example. I wish I did have a sewing machine though, as I miss making my own clothes a lot.

The finished result.

This is how nice the finished result looks like. You do see that I have a thing for owls and tea is also a great passion for both me and Adam. I guess we have like 10-15 different tea’s lying around. The owls and the boxes has been collected in different ways both here in Sweden and in England. Some are inherited, some are gifts, some are bought in stores, both second hand and normal one’s. But it is memories connected to all of them, which I find important about the things you got at home.



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