I believe in Pink – Audrey Hepburn

Dress: JC Leggings: H&M Maternity Socks: Gift Shoes: DinSko

My feelings around pink, they was quite aggressive before. I hated pink, and hated to see it on other people, especially small girls which do not really have a choice to decide for themselves how they shall get dressed. But I grew up, matured and realised that it is not the colour itself that is evil, it is that society expect that girls shall wear it. Men and mature women should not wear this, as it is so clearly girly. That did wake up the little devil in me, and now I am wearing pink just to claim back the colour as just that, a colour! No other colour has been so hated, disliked, discussed, loved, laughed at, as pink. They are actually silly, all the strong emotions around pink.

This spring, I have decided to show of pink as much as I can in my blog, starting with the blog itself. I am gonna reclaim pink as a colour and you will notice it. 





    1. Pink is truely a colour that I need more off, counting the things I got in my closet I got 3 things in pink. That needs to change.

      I thought the bump looked huge on this photos, but what you can you expect when you are in week 26. It shall be so fun to see the baby when it comes out. 🙂

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