The greatest gift

As I mentioned in my earlier post, last night was a really long one. The reason why is that me and Adam got extremely worried as the baby had not moved at all during the entire day, plus I got a small bleeding. At 11 in the evening we decided to call the hospital and ask them if it was normal, and they said that we should come to see them right away. I got devastated when I heard this, I thought that my little sprog had died long before it was even born. I cried and Adam tried to cheer me up all the way to the hospital, which I am thankful for. He sure was just as scared as I was, but he did not break together as I did.

At the hospital we got immediately shown to a room where they started to monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and my pulse. It was hard for them to get any sound from the baby, but after a while they could hear the baby’s heart on the machine. Oh that sound was probably the greatest gift I have ever got, the sound of my baby being alive. They also made an ultra sound to check that the baby looked okay, and everything was fine.  It was some though moments for me and Adam, but the joy we felt when the baby was fine really lifted a huge weight from our shoulders.

I know that pregnancy can go bad, also late in the pregnancy, so if you suspect that anything is wrong with your baby, call the hospital so you can go check the baby. It is better then walking around worrying, as I did for an entire day.


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