Home again!

Hello everyone!

Me in the cold winter weather. It was -7 but it did feel warmer then in Norrköping (because here it is always windy). 

Oh I had a well-needed break from everything. Me and Adam went to my mother’s place all the way far up in Lapland. It was great meeting everyone again and also getting one final doze of real winter before spring arrives. It was also Adam’s first time in Northern Sweden and he was amazed by all the reindeer’s and the snow piles which was taller then him. Only downside is that we both got a cold, but oh well, you can’t always have it perfect.

Great view. The nature there was so wonderful.

We took long walks, enjoyed the nature there, bought stuff (a secret gift to Adam who is going to get 20 soon and something warm for the baby) and had nice tea on a place own by a person called Buddha. I am curious if that is his real name or just something he get called.
One of the cat’s that Adam got friends with right away. 

So after lots of hugging with brothers, cuddling with cats (for Adam’s behalf, me and cats normally don’t get along) and talk alot about everything I feel ready for a new week. Down here we may not have snow, but it is wonderful with all the sunshine and soon my favorite season will be here. Can’t wait.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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