Bodil Malmsten’s books

Bodil Malmsten I think is one of the best authors Sweden has in this modern time. Her writing is sometimes poetic, sometimes descriptive and that wonderful mix between fantasy and reality she writes about is something everyone should experience. When she writes about gardening chores, it sounds like an adventure to a foreign country, a bus trip in Wales becomes a fascinating story about the bus drivers and the passengers and the life itself. She has this ability of capturing a moment of daily life and finding a thought, a purpose about it.

The book I have recently read about her does not exist in English but the title translates roughly  “There’s still no order among my papers”  . It’s a book of short stories from her own life. It is a bit of a mess in places, but the short glimpses does seem appealing after a while.  But so is life itself, chaotic, messy and just a bunch of stories in a book.



  1. I just found and read “The Price of Water in Finistere”
    What a magical, thought-provoking charming book! and so witty! one of the few books I’ve read for ages that I will go back to and read again.
    Thanks so much for the tip, I wish more of her work was in English.

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