Fat Tuesday

Here in Sweden, Fat Tuesday is being celebrated with a Semla. It is basically a wheat bun with whipped cream, almonds and lots of sugar and fat. One bun has around 250 calories I did read somewhere! As I been busy packing today, I did not have time to make my own Semla (which is sad), but I had a tasty one at one of the bakeries in town, kindly bought to me by my husband. I guess I have to make my own semlas next year instead.

I hope I will get some time to blog a little when I am out traveling in Sweden, but if you do not see so many posts it is because I am in Lapland, visiting my family. Have a great Fat Tuesday and a great week everyone! ūüôā


One comment

  1. Now at last, today, I have tasted semlor! I ate 2, which makes it a very Fat Tuesday indeed.. One was a very nice bun but because the marzipan was grated into the whipped cream it was not distinctive from any nice English cream bun. So I had to try again. The other had a proper layer of marzipan like you have in the picture; it was divine! quite as delicious as I had dreamed.

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