Tulips from my Valentine

I got a nice big bunch of red tulips (my favorite flower of all, I hope I get some tulip bulbs for my birthday to plant outdoors, and maybe a gigantic pot or two) from Adam on Valentines Day. It really does not take more to make me happy. As I did not have a vase big enough to put them in, I took one empty jar from the cupboard (former food jar, they are good to save as they are useful for so many things) put some salty water in the jar and then the flowers. I made the jar look a little more festive with a ribbon tied around the neck, and voilá, you have yourself a nice bohemian looking vase.


One comment

  1. Tulip bulbs were sold ages ago here, now it’s all roots and seeds for summer flowers. I hope you get some!
    My favourite flower in the spring is wallflowers, I love the exquisite scent and the velvety petals in soft bright colours that shade into each other so subtly.

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