5 small things that helps me while being pregnant

I love being pregnant, the feeling of having another little life form in me is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt, and not suffering from most of the pregnancy symptoms makes me enjoy it even more. Still, being pregnant you do need to help the old body in one way or two and spoil it a little when so many changes happen in your body.

1. Terrible Twins Organic Wheat Pillow

The best thing I have bought for myself during this pregnancy, which helps a painful back. Going to bed with a warm cup of chamomile tea, a good book (right now Muriel Barbery) and a heat pillow is a kind of daily life luxury.  I used this every day, so it was worth the money it cost!

2. Estelle & Thild’s Organic Stretch Mark OilA skin oil which is extremely expensive (costs around 200 SEK or 20 GBP) but I would not change it to a less expensive brand. Sometimes you need to spoil yourself, and this oil is my way of spoiling my skin. Fragrance free (which is good for asthmatics) , organic and perfect for my skin during the winter months.  Also that one bottle lasts a long time makes it worth the money I spend on it.

3. My maternity clothes

I have not bought so many new clothes for my pregnancy as I’ve got a lot and can use some of my normal clothes now also, but I am so happy about the few maternity clothes I have bought, like this one on top. It is also usable after pregnancy, which is a tip I have to mothers-to-be. Get clothes you can use afterwards also!  Good for your economy and the environment. Another tip is searching in the other sections of the shop and not just the maternity section. Like this beauty above, I found it in the youths section and it works great with a pregnant belly.  To be fair, most pregnancy clothes are unflattering , but if you use your imagination you can feel pretty while being pregnant to.

4. Vitamins and Iron pills

Not so fun, but oh so necessary during pregnancy is to eat healthily and have regular checkups on your iron and vitamin levels. But it is also common you have to, like me, take pills every day to keep this levels up, if you want to have a smooth pregnancy. So please, if your pregnant, make sure to have regular checkups and if you need to take pills, that you do take them. It will benefit both you and your baby.

5. LOTS of Orange Juice

This can be different for every person, but for me I need lots and lots of orange juice every day. I am not kidding if I say that I drink 4-5 liters orange juice per week.

If you are/have been pregnant, what did you find that you needed to have in order to work as normal? I am thankful for every little tip I get.


One comment

  1. I think almost the most important thing is (what you’re already doing) to acknowledge the need to cherish yourself and not to try to “tough it out” like some women do here (in UK) just carrying on as though nothing special is happening. So you’re responsive to whatever your body and mind tell you is needed. The orange juice thing is amazing because vitamin C helps iron to be absorbed, it seems like you automatically knew that.
    For me, having clothes that I liked and felt comfortable was very important.

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