Alice-dress in winter shape

You probably remember my Alice-dress/picnic-dress which I bought last summer. Well I noticed it really is good for a growing bump so with a pair of thick leggings and a cardigan it works great during the winter too. I so love that I can reuse some of my clothes as a maternity outfit. And I do feel so inspired by this dress, as Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories. My stomach looks huge already and I am only in week 23. Wonder how big it will be in the end? 🙂

Socks from Monki, leggings from H&M and dress and cardigan from different second hand shops. On the wall is the only maternity dress I bought myself (H&M too) and my lovely wedding dress.

Ådi wanted to join me in some photos too, but he moved so much so he always got blurry. Not easy taking photos together with dogs as they got their own will. He’s heavy too (he must have gained some weight!).

Today I have a busy schedule with school work. I am going to Lapland next week,  so I need to finish off quite a lot before that. 🙂


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