Vintage window shopping and a bird vernissage

Yesterday after school (having a heavy exam that shall be left in in two weeks demands 6 days/week of school work) I went strolling around, enjoying being outdoors. Vintage window shopping (I’m not buying anything at the moment so I can afford a pram) and a interesting vernissage stood on the menu.

Walking from my school to some of the best vintage stores in town, I passed some nice frozen waterfalls…

 …and gigantic outdoors chandeliers.

Hello 🙂

At the second hand shop Myrornas I found this lovely vintage dress with such amazing lace arms (I got to do something about my weakness for lace) in one dusty corner of the shop. I guess it is a wedding dress. Tempted to take it home and save it from hanging around in that corner , but I don’t think it would suit me in my current pregnant state. So I left it to make it cheer someone else up.

Also found this adorable dress for baby girls, but as I do not know the gender of my little sprog I left it hanging too. So if you are out after two nice dresses in Norrköping, run by Myrornas before I change my mind and go back and buy them!

Then I had to go, as the vernissage was almost due to start, but first a short stop on the road to get a pair of nice red roses to my love Adam.

My goal, Norrköping’s Art Museum showing an exhibition of Tyra Lundgren. A quite  multi-talented artist I must say.

The speeches was quite boring (it was more talk about Norrköping then about the artist) but such amazing artwork. So many people had come to see this opening already, and I am sure it will be popular. My favorite was the owl above, for obvious reasons.  The quote is written by Tyra herself, it is about her relationship to the birds which did influence her artwork a lot. I find art so inspiring and refreshing sometimes.

For this occasion I had dressed up in my Alice-dress with a warm cardigan with it. Both came from a second hand shop. I will show a proper outfit shoot tomorrow.

A quick last visit to the glass section of the exhibition, as I am fascinated by glass work mostly, then I started to walk home so I could eat and watch the Melody festival.

And the roses then? Adam got really happy about them and they ended up in our lovely green vase which I bought from a Chinese guy who did not know any swedish or english (we communicated through small notes where we drew pictures). And that was the end of my day with the creative part of society.


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