To the unknown beloved…

Since around christmas I have recieved wonderful gifts from both grandmothers-to-be, in order to prepare for the new life form that will arrive in early June. Adam and I have also been through my old baby clothes (as my mother has saved everything from my early years) and they are still in great condition. As we are living on a student economy, we are so happy for every little thing we get, which will make it easier for both of us to focus on what is really important, having a stable economy in order to raise a little child.

Here are some of my favorites among the things we got so far, just waiting to be used by (as the paternal grandmother-to-be said it) the unknown beloved.

Most of the clothes are second hand or vintage. The last cute dress is from my own childhood, which been hanging in my wardrobe since I  grew out of it, just waiting for someone new to use it. My absolute favorite of my old baby clothes. Thanks mum that you saved it!



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