Pastel winter

Hey all!

I was at the hospital recently for a midwife visit, just to check up on me and so, don’t worry, I am fine. ūüôā And the bump is too. Wow, can’t imagine that soon I am going to be a mother, in just a few months.

What is also happening in just a few months is that a wonderful amount of ice cream coloured (aka pastel) spring clothes are hitting the stores, and I could not be more happy. Mint green, purple, yellow and red are my top favorite colours so this spring season really is made for me. Even if I’m fearing that I will find a couple of thousand me-clones around the city it gives me a great chance of deeply exploring my own style.

 Skirt and socks: Monki

Cardigan: Indiska

Leggings and shirt: H&M

Shoes: DinSko

How do you feel yourself about this upcoming spring? Is it a great season or do you dislike it?


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