A whole day in pictures – My lunch/shopping/spa day with Emelie

Hey all!

Oh lately life has been going so fast, I begun a new term and are working with a new (effective) group in school and I got lots of fun things planned. But sometimes the normal life can be to much of the good, so I visited my friend Emelie last friday, and it was a good but a little unusual day.

Train travels can be so boring, so I had stocked up on good books to read, Ahlgrens’s cars (Swedens most sold car) and other things to do. But it ended up with that I made some toys for the baby which soon will come.

 Some gifts to Emelie, a travel game and some travel sweets with a handy checklist on the back.

First thing I did after arrival was having some nice lunch as I was starving, lasagna with bread and some salad.

Little Loke was with us to. Can’t believe he is 9 months already!

Me with the baby in my arms. Dress is from H&M Divided, which miraculously fits my growing bump still.

Later Emelie and I went to do some shopping, at Cervera I found this nice cups (did not buy any though, I got so many cups that I don’t have any room left in my cupboards) and Emelie found a present for her mother.

Then some second hand shopping at Myrornas. I got a nice find in red for the baby, for almost nothing!

After shopping and refueling ourselves with dinner, it was time for some spa where we got a free massage and feet treatment, as it was Emelies friend who had an opening party. I was not sure if I was allowed to take some photos so this is the only one from the spa’s entrance. But I can tell you, my feet have never felt better afterwards!

Around 8 in the evening I said good bye and got given a goodie bag with some nice aloe vera based products, like a lip balm, some juice and a one time foot treatment. It was the good end to a good day.


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