What is it with maternity clothes?

I went to H&M the other day and went to look for new maternity clothes, as my bump is getting to big for the normal clothes in my closet. On the way towards the maternity clothes department I passed all of this nice pastels and french shapes and also marine clothes here and there, which made me very excited to think that the maternity clothes might look similar, because then I would not need to change my style just because I am pregnant.

One of the few maternity clothes I actually like. I wonder where the rest of the nice one’s are?
You can imagine my horror when most of the clothes were black, grey and other dull colours. No patterns, the shapes were not flattering (being pregnant does not mean I want to look like I’m wearing a tent!).  Sure, you use the maternity clothes a short time in your life, but is it that hard to make them more flattering towards the female body? Is it so that mothers-to-be is not a group that gets efforts in making nice clothes, because we actually HAVE to buy those clothes, we do not really have a choice? I am starting to think that this is the truth. Question is, how can we change it?



  1. Let your creativity run riot. Some pregnant friends of mine have not bought maternity clothes but improvised their own with usual clothes plus lengths of fabrics and stretchy dance wear. It is a really annoying social problem. Pregnant, immediately you have been put into a box. Mothers to be are still expected to be demure, discreet, selfless, responsible and preferably invisible. You are not allowed to be when pregnant: eye-catching, flirtatious, charming, sexy, playful, dangerous, powerful, unconventional, challenging. Women are changing it, gradually, a little. Ask your mother how bad it was 20 years ago. In London I like it that you now see pregnant women just showing off their bump, even with some jewellery in their distended navel (but maybe not in the middle of winter).

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