Old and wise

 Responsibility and maturity is something you are expected to have when you are the oldest child in a family and so it have been in my family to. I am this good big sister that do anything for my brothers even if it means to lie and fight to help them and I am always there so they can talk to me.

I have noticed recently that my relationship to my brothers is pretty much the same as the relationship I have to my friends. Some of my friends can call me 2 in the morning, talking about how their boyfriend been mean this time, and others say that they are sad/angry/upset of various reasons and come to me for advise, or just whine about things that never gets better. It really feels like I am the old and wise lady among a bunch of kids, as it never seems to get any better for them, instead everything is still so dark.

I love my friends, just as I love my brothers, but I am seriously tired of being old and wise, I do have my own problems to solve and having the weight of X numbers other peoples problems is tearing me down. It has gone so far I have stopped to really care about their problems, and that does make me sad. How do you tell a person you like that they should grow up and take care of the problems, instead of dumping it all on me?

Old and Wise – The Alan Parsons Project

Dress: 50’s vintage



  1. I know what you mean about being old and wise!

    Though I love my cute, childish things and clothes, I am such an old soul that I have always had people come to me for advice on all their problems.

    You look fabulous in this set of photos. 🙂

    The Cat Hag

  2. It’s hard when people have created a certain image of you and your role in their life. If you make them change it they may not be happy but I think you are not obliged just be what other people want you to be for them. Your real friends will still love you.
    I don’t have the same problem as you at all. I notice that my friends ask for my advice when they want to be encouraged to do something reckless or risky! I wonder what does that say about me?

    PS. Yes, you do look fabulous in that long dress.

  3. Oh dear – sounds like a tough spot to be in. Somehow I have never found myself in that position – which maybe just shows that I am immature and flakey? I guess you just need to put it out there – tell people you can’t always be there – don’t answer your phone – do it your way 🙂

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