A life in a student corridor


Hey all!

Todays outfit post, very red/orange, suitable as it is soon Halloween in the world.  I just need pumpkins and lots of autumn leaves and a witch hat to complete the look. But could not do that as it was not a nice weather outside, cold and muddy is not ideal photography weather. Instead I took the photos in my student cooridor, which is not a usual thing I do. Living in a student cooridor comes with many surprises and todays surprise was that someone had placed out lots of tiny cat statues in all the windows, which I thought was extremely cute, cat owner as I am (as many of you know, I got my dog Ådi, but I also have two old cats in my household and a puppy named Tequila). I so loved that almost sickly cute look the statues gave, and it only need a pair of flowers and some knitted table cloths to fully get that old women style.




Dress: HM, Cardigan: Monki, Shoes: Second hand, Socks: Gift

Other weird things that has happend the year I lived here is cats running around in the house free, things with a note attached, saying “Take this” appear randomly. Comics gets taped upon the windows, it exists a trillions bikes in this house with no owners and when people don’t want their stuff anymore they go down to the basement so other people can go and collect the stuff for free. The people are nice though (I live in the nicest student cooridoor I think), for example of some of my neighbours, it is a guy who always phone his parents at two in the morning (I know it as the walls are thin), and a other guy who eats pizza on pretty much a daily basis and still look slim. Everyone always says hi and are friendly, and well…I could not have got a better student cooridor then this.



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