Hey all! This is an incoming spam of text. Just warned you. 🙂

I know I am uneven when it comes to blogging, but sometimes I can’t justify myself enough to sit down and blog as it is time consuming just as any hobby. But sometimes you need to put hobbies on the shelf and I had to do it for a week as the most life changing thing has happend to me, EVER. I will not say it here right now as I have not told all my closests yet and I think they want to hear it from me personally instead of reading it on my blog.  But in time you will notice, you few nice people who read my dear blog.

Instead I want to talk about something enterily diffrent, uglyness. I am one person that really likes ugly things and I try to appreciate all the things in life that others never cast a second glimpse on, and it is noticed in my style (I call my style clowny cute, but you can also say ugly cute about it). Most of the clothes I have is things people lost/hide away in a closet/gave it away to a second hand shop/other random thing where you don’t love your clothes, instead finding them so ugly that you do not even remember why you even bought it. You recognize this right? So do I.

Quite on the contrary, for being a collector of ugly things I also have a few things in my wardrobe I absolutely hate and do not realise why I even bought them. I mean, it is so not me, like a white blazer with gigantic shoulders, why did I buy that? Or a scarf with black flowers on, on a black background, how did it end up in my wardrobe? I realised this when my latest shopping find arrived, and I just thought “Oki, how the hell did I think when I bought this?!!!” I to can not appreciate things I find ugly. But today I finally decided to make a change, and wear all those clothes I so find is not me (not many but they exist) so here is the only photo of my closets nightmare, appreciated and brought onto daylight (or evening, as I took it at 6. It gets dark here fast now).  Enjoy!

Headband: Scarf found on the street

Blazer: Popped up in my wardrobe one day

Skirt: Same as with the blazer

Shirt: Avanna

Tights: Lindex

The thing to ask now is, what do you do with the things you absolutely hate and find ugly? Do you keep them, like me, in the black hole a wardrobe can be, or do you remake them or what?

Ok, alot of talk of uglyness but one beautiful thing is Swedens evening sky’s this time of the year. I will end my post (and continue watch Glee, seriously I forgot that it has been aired again since september, need to keep up) with a photo of the magical sky. Have a great life!



  1. Well you make everything look awesome so I don’t think you have ugly things at all!!

    And I do find that I often like to buy damaged items, because I feel sad that nobody wants to bring them home haha. 😉

    The Cat Hag

    1. Thank you, I do try my best in making those unwanted things wanted. I got a huge dress closet with tons of vintage dresses that are either to big for me, or weirdly shaped or things like that, but I still find it worth of buying it and take it home, nurturing it. I do wear them to from time to time, but I am still a little to self consious to show them on my blog. Bad self esteem is not so fun.

  2. every people has different outlook in life… i believe that nothing in this world is ugly, its just how people look at things, other people or situations that make certain things ugly… learn to appreciate things and be happy for other people to maintain happiness and peace.. sooo love your blog!!! enjoyed it.. following you now… hope you could visit my blog too…kissess!!!


    1. I think you have a nice way on looking on things in life, that nothing is ugly, just diffrent from what you are used to. I think that is something I can learn from your comment, that not thinking it is ugly and wrong, instead a new thing to appreciate is coming to you. Thank you for this!

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