Cakes and lavender in a butterfly garden

Hey all!

Life is good atm, and here is my sunday last week. A not so warm day, but a day when my husband to tried to cheer me up, which was needed as I had been crying alot lately, feeling all stressed out. It has been alot with my school and worrying about money, and I got the flu on top of it, so it was some horrible weeks. Last wednesday though everything sorted out to the best, and a huge weight did vanish from my shoulders.

But back to Adams (succeded) attempt to cheer me up. It started with a huge cake order and tea russian style (tea in a glass) on the café Brödernas here in town.

Starting with the top one and going down, it is apple pie, a chocolate ball, sticky cake (the best Sweden have to offer in food way, if you come here, do not forget to try it) and cheese cake with dark chocolate. Unhealthy I know, but sometimes you just need 4 cakes on the same time. Of course we took a long walk on it down the riverside, stopping at one of my favorite parts of Norrköping, a beautiful butterfly garden hidden as a little treasure behind some trees.

It was full blooming lavenders in the garden also, which you were allowed to pick. I was so amazed by this and picked a big bouquet and sat down and smelt in and talked to my husband about why I felt sad, which was a good way of getting things out of me without paying lots of money going to a shrink. Talking to someone you love is better then any therapy session.

Part of the butterfly garden. It is alot more beautiful in full bloom, now the flowers was fading away, not being seen again until next year. I dressed in all this quite colorful clothes to make myself happy, with pink,red and purple and also a dotted scarf from Karl Lagerfeldt which had turned up in the mail the same day (or maybe a few days before or so, I am not so good in checking my mail box). In the background you can also see my soul mate Ådi, who was a very happy dog this day as he got a full package of bacon for himself. His joy of getting nice things to eat was so full of joy also for me. And believe it or not, this small tiny things really cheered me up, and I walked home with a smile on my lips and continued to watch the series Bones the rest of the evening.

Do you have anyone who helps you feel more happy when your sad? What is your story?



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