12 pictures from the Culture Night

Good evening all!

I hope everything is fine out in the world. Ah you do? How great. I just wanted to share with you guys what I did last weekend, as it was a culture night in town here. Art, music, theaters and street shows could be found all over Norrköping. It was truely an amazing day and night. Here are exactly 12 photos from this day. Enjoy!

Patti Smith – Because the Night

Graffiti artworks was being made all over the town on big black boards. This one was pretty and I liked the colours.

Me, my brother Leo and Adam had decided to have a weird hats day, in order to celebrate the Culture Night.

Glutenfree cake made on nuts I got to taste for free on a cake buffée. It was really tasty and had a strong taste of chocolate.

I also got a free book with photographies of the beautiful town I live in. We will look closer on it an other day.

You could see this lanterns on a few places, this was the entrance to one of the work shops. Got to adore the pumpkins!

Beautiful Gobelin tapestry in the council house. It was so lovely to see this room again, as it was here I got married to Adam.

Something I enjoyed (and also dragged  two not so enthusiastic boys with me to see it) was the city archive. My second passion in life is books and especially history books, so you can understand I was excited to be here! No photos was allowed though. 😦

Walking was something else we did quite alot. This outfit was quite dressed down for being me, normally I use more colours. Tunic is a gift, shoes is from Skopunkten and leggings is from HM.

Impressive fire show being made by some teenagers from the local circus.

The day ended with me eating barbequed marshmallows and drinking hot squash in the Sculpture Park. It was a great end of a good day.



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