To Scotland with a Scarf

Hey all!

As I have not made any real outfit post for a while, here comes one very “autumny”. I did for the first time use the scarf I bought in Scotland. To be honest I bought it to my brother, but it went so well with my purple coat so I borrowed it one day. As I been sick I have not felt to blog so much, but really, I think it is time to put alot more effort in this blog then I have done before. I have decided to start treat it as a job, and not just a hobby, and the changes will first start with creating a more professional layout. If you been reading my blog, you noticed probably that I do not like the current look on it. It is just not me!

Coat: Cubus

Dress and leggings: HM

Shoes: Skopunkten

Scarf: Pride of Scotland, Edinburgh

Brosch: Second hand

In order to make this blog going to be a more proffesional oriented one, I am also thinking about to broad my perspective when I blog. I have noticed it is hard to find things to talk about when blogging, what is really legitimate to bring up or not? Shall I just talk clothes, clothes and clothes, or shall I also discuss things that matters to me, like the environment, my dogs and husband, being creative in diffrent ways, politics, books? What subjects do you want here? I would gladly listen to any suggestion!



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