Greetings from Scotland

Hey all!

I am now back from having the flu (time wasted in bed; one week, so I’ve got a lot of things to catch up on! I’m not fully recovered yet, but it is not worth it lying in bed when life is walking by, and oh boy I’ve got so much material to share with you. This month I have been to Scotland for Adam’s sister’s wedding, got lots of packages with nice stuff, and been to fun things like Culture Night and school (I like my school). So let’s take all of this in a time line, starting with my time in Scotland.

9th of September my sister-in-law Helen got married to her boyfriend Ben, and both Adam and I got invited to their wedding in Edinburgh. This photo shows how happy she was right after the ceremony, hugging and laughing with her and Adam’s sibling. I just adore her dress also, looks so nice on her.

View from the ceremony room. I loved the greyish buildings in Edinburgh!

Adam’s sister Cara as a cute bridesmaid.

After the ceremony we were guided by a man in a kilt through town to the wedding breakfast, passing by all these statues of exotic animals (we bought a mini version of an elephant later, named Tim). At the resturant later…

…we had delicious Italian food, here Mozarella and vegetables…

…and I was happily surprised my name was spelt correctly…

…and I stood and laughed in the toilets.

After the 4 hour long wedding breakfast we went close to Edinburgh Castle, to dance and eat cake. The room was beautifully decorated with photographs on a string…

…and the garden outside had this lovely view. Magical!

Garden decorations, simple and so adorable. As I spent the rest of the time dancing and eating, this is my last photo, but Adam’s grandmother took this cute one of us two together outside the castle.

Everything is second hand except the fake red hair (gift from Ellinor) and the necklace (Shop by Alexandra). I so need to use the green dress more.

So this was my first visit in Scotland, but I sure want to come back here one day and explore more, not just be there one weekend. Have you been travelling recently? Did you enjoy it and wish you spent more time there?



  1. Oh these are lovely pictures! I’m in love with the simple tea light in a jar. I’m going to save this picture for inspiration and–hopefully–remember to do something like it in my own yard next year!

    Looks like a great time. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures with us. I hope you’re feeling better by now…yuck @ flu. Boo. 😩

    1. I thought so to, it was such a great time and I got lots of inspiration myself being there. I am feeling better now also, can do all the normal stuff I am doing, if I just take it calm. 🙂

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