A sunny autumn’s day

Happy autumn everyone!

I am finally back from my undesirable blogcation, and so much has happened since then! I have been to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, got a cat (and he disappered again on some cat adventure), been awake for 40 hours without sleeping and realised my autumn closet is almost non existant. I’ve got tons of blogs to read through now also, as I have been doing so much. So I am prepared for  a lot of enjoyable reading this weekend, and best of all, I’ve got a new camera (oki, it is actually Adam’s camera, but we’re married, so I consider everything of his to be mine. Atleast when it comes to cameras). Which means I can blog again, yey!

So, today I got Adam to take some nice photos of my outfit, as we passed a nice house when we were grocery shopping, covered with red and green leaves. Along with sunshine and a cold wind, it made  this beautiful autumn day. It was so simply perfect for a photo shoot. So without further ado, here is how I look when I don’t have any autumn clothes, but still have to dress warm. Enjoy!


Hat: Åhléns

Cardigan: HM

Shorts: BikBok

Tights: HM

Shoes: Skopunkten

Ring: Spotted Moth

Nailpolish: Viva la Diva, gift from Ellinor

Red, brown, purple and dark green are the colours I associate most with autumn, which is noticable in my clothing during this season. Unfortunally, most of my autumn clothes seem to have vanished into oblivion, as I have a huge lack of cardigans and long skirts/dresses.  One thing is clear though,  I seem to forget that there are 4 seasons and not 3 pretty much every year. I have promised myself to not buy any more summery t-shirts or thick coats for the winter. Let’s see how that turns out.





    1. Your welcome. It was a fun give away. And it was a fun thing to take photos there, in the middle of a parking lot actually, so I had to bend in all weird diffrent angles not to get any of the cars in the photos.

  1. I think you did a pretty good job dressing for autumn without any real autumn clothes! Your boots are ROCKIN’. And it takes a brave woman to pull off that hat. 😉

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