Camera hunt is going badly

Hey all!

Small update, the camera hunt is not going good at all. As I am having alot of other things to do, I have not really got the chance to sit down and look for a new one. I tried to take photos with my phone, to atleast show you some blurry photos of these days, but not even that work, as I can’t transfer them to my computer of some reason (after a little googling this seems to be typical for my phone, bah!). I guess I am cursed by a bloggers worst nightmare, the lack of any camera.

But as I got a nice mother, with a good camera (which is moving to Northern Sweden tomorrow), she took a few photos of my favorite outfit these days, making time for me when she’s in a hurry to pack. Got to say I thank her alot!

Skirt: Monki

Vest: HM

Headband: Some flower necklace I found and wrapped around a black headband

Socks: HM

As my outerwear was quite military inspired (but I don’t have a photo of that) I named this outfit militant flower (or maybe militant hippie, have not decided yet). It made me feel good wearing it, denying the fact that autumn is coming closer. I also got the best comment from my mum (who normally thinks my clothing taste is not so good) saying she liked my headband. Thanks alot mum, again! I am so going to miss having her and my baby brothers close.

Hopefully I will have a camera in my hand again when I go to Scotland next week. Or not hopefully, I need a camera then, even if I have to go hungry for a month to get one. 



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