Sparkling like the sun

Hey everyone! Great day, is it not? Today Adam will come and I am so so happy. Finally after this long time, we will live together. Two years in Sweden as I am studying, but after that, I would not mine to live in, oh well it is an entire world out there!

Yesterday night I worked night on the first party on my University, it was really fun but exhausting and I got in bed around 05.00ish. And had an exams at 10 in the morning after, omg I had forgot how hard the student life can be. Woosha! But it will be better after I got into the routine again, and what can I say, I love having a busy life! But before I rushed for work, I took some outfit photos, yellow and glitter together, my favorite combination.

Shirt and Tights: HM

Shorts: Bikbok, cut of Jeans

Shoes: Second hand

Necklace: Indiska

Nothing of this is new, showed all of this clothes before, but not in this combination. Good with little sparkling sunshine before the cold days arrive. And you can never get to much yellow, or glitter. Unfortunally it is hard to find really nice looking yellow clothes, seems like all the designers out there are afraid of yellow. Not so much fun when your favorite colour is yellow. Can someone tell me what is wrong with yellow? Why do people avoid it like it carried the plague?

Oki, I shall not rant so much about that, I am in a happy mood today. Happy happy HAPPY! So, I need to run off and see if I can find a new pair of walking shoes as my old one’s did break. Meanwhile, you can look on my hideous job outfit and think about some nice theory on why it don’t exist any nice yellow clothes. Have a great day!

Yuck on baggy t-shirts!



  1. I love the tights and shorts 🙂
    I guess people find yellow hard to work with or make it look nice with a model. I only know a few people who’s skin color matches with yellow.

    1. 😀 Thanks, it felt like a good combo now when it is Indian Summer. He is here now, really happy to have him here and we celebrated by watching the fireworks in town. Are you having a good weekend yourself? 🙂

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