Hey all! How is life, everything going good? Thought so! I just wanted to share with you one of the  best days in my life, when I got the honour to be the godmother to My best friend Emelies son Loke. He was so cute in his white vintage dress (protestants wear white dresses, no matter of gender on  the major cermonies) and the little family looked so happy. I am so proud having a relationship to these people.

Before the cermony, we did all getting dressed and ready. My shoes did break so I had to walk barefoot during the entire cermony.

Besides being the godmother, I was also one of the candle holders, along with this girl…

…who was one of Emelie’s relatives. Funny enough, we were almost the same height, and I am twice her age!

The baptism itself, it was really beautiful and we sang alot of songs and I had to dry away a tear, being so happy for Emelie.

After the cermony it was alot of talking with the priest and taking photos.

My adorable godson! Is he not cute in his dress?

After the cermony, we went to Emelies uncles house and I took lots of photos…

…on the people eating…

…opening Loke’s gifts, as he was busy sleeping…

…and the kids playing with a cat.

Being the person taking all the photos means you dont appear on much photos, as your hidden behind the camera, so I made Emelie’s mother taking this one of me and Emelie, the only photo of me this day. And what a day!

This dress you seen alot recently, sorry about that, but I really like it. But I promise, the next outfit I post will not include this dress. Or the one after it.

Oki, I have some two tough weeks ahead of me, as I am going to be a representative for my party, for the student union and for all the environmental science students on my University. This included a 24/7 theather character and working both day and night. I will try to blog as normal, but if that do not happen, you know why. Have a great continued wednesday all!



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