The last breath of summer

Hey all! I am back with refilled energy. I have been away visiting my best friend and celebrating the baptism of my godson Loke, so I have been a little absent from computers. But this weekend away did give me alot of things to share with you guys.

First of all, I have not had a real outfit post for a while, so I wanted to make one, based on my outfit from saturday. I named in the last breath of summer, as the flowery patterns mixed with the brown made me think of the last summer days, when autumn is coming closer and closer, and everything start to get brown and die. This perticular day when I took it though was really sunny, and I did spend it on a place known as “Märkesbacken” where we painted the badges for the diffrent organisations involving my University. Or I did not paint, I just stood on the side and talked with the people and did take photos. Can’t get paint stains on my clothes, right?

Shirt: Gift

Skirt: Made by me

Bag/Belt: Vintage

Hairband: V&A

Shoes: Second hand

Ring: Spotted Moth

Talking about the last breath of summer, the painting of Märkesbacken really is a good sign that soon we are all going back to school and jobs, getting into a routine again, stop eating ice cream and swim outdoors every day and wear dresses without lots of layering like cardigans and tights. Next week I am going back to University, filled with books and discussions that all will lead to that economics are evil, humans are lazy and that the only solution to the worlds environmental problems are drastical improvements right now, the only thing being more depressing is the weather outside. Not cheerful I know, but you get quite alot of Doom’s Daying when you are studying environmental science. Plus, I don’t like autumns. I will be my happy self when it’s winter again.



  1. Hey, I just got your comment on my blog. I must have accidently posted that on the wrong post. I meant to post it on the one of you in the cute outfits and live music performances! So sorry about the misunderstanding!

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