Festival at Rougham Airfield

First of all, I want to thank you guys for the support from you about what is happening in London. I appreciate it alot. Second, it is time for me to move on. My motto in life is “tomorrow is a new day”, and it times when bad things happen, it is best to focus on the good things. So let’s do that.

This is some other photos from my trip to England, I am planning a third post known as Festival Inspiration, but this is just showing diffrent things on what I did on the festival. We was on this beautiful field, outside a town known as Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, for about a week. We (me and my husband) visited a Solar Cinema and watched Buster Keaton, listened to alot of music, collected feathers (I use feathers for the things I make), went to barn dancing and just had a great time. As a picture say more then a thousands words, let’s look at them instead.

Stuart O’Connor. Folkmusician and friend to my husband.



You could see kites all over the area. This one was the prettiest one I thought.

Photos of me during the only sunny day we had, and also of the people on the barn dance. I did not dance though, just sat there and took alot of photos. The last photo I just throwed in because it is so summery.

Two kids from the Children’s Cabaret. It was so adorable and cute.

Me on a cold day. Dresses Retro Clothing and Monki. Tights and socks HM. Wellies Everest.

Me on a warm day. Dress is a gift and bracelet is made by me.

Airplane, we was on an old airfield, and as I like planes I took some photos of them.

Buster Keaton on a solar powered cinema. As I am studying environmental science, this idea really made me enthusiastic about the whole festival.

This was the only festival I went to on this summer, which feels little weird as I normally go to 3-4. But this was my first foreign one, so that has to count for something. Have you gone to a festival this year? How was it and did you have a good luck with the weather?




    1. Thanks so much. Will write to your mail tomorrow about it, little to exhausted today. Glad your liked my layering, it was so cold there, colder then I expected, so I had to be imaginative of the clothes I had with me.

  1. No festivals for me this year, I’m afraid – too many cash flow issues! But looking at these photos, I feel like I was right there with you! Looks like an incredible time, and you were seriously rocking some lovely outfits.

    1. Same here actually, low on money, but my husband paid the tickets for this so I had some fun at a festival. Glad you liked them, I really tried to catch the essence of the festival!

  2. In reply to your comment:
    Omg that must have been so worrying! Glad your husband is safe and sound. The news showed such terrible images. I’m glad my city remained safe and wasn’t hit.
    You’re right, though. That’s also the spirit of most Britons, move on with life. Hope you’re well

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