Rioting in London

Twitter and Facebook is full of it. My husband Adam is in the middle of this and I sit here in Sweden and are glued to the computer, watching the english news. I am talking about the London Riots. I have tried to blog for two whole days, about something meaningful and fun, like the rest of my photos from my England trip, but it is hard when you know that people is trashing down the area (Ealing) of where my husband and his family are in. It is so weird to see places I been to, shops I have bought things on and streets I walked on just a week ago being destroyed.

Adam was taking photos of the streets today in his neighbourhood. Lots of glass, broken and boarded windows and people trying to clean things up. It is warming my heart to see people help each other out in this chaos, but on the same time, they should not have to!

Of some reason, I find it worse then the Norway incident, because it is not one mad person doing it, but normal people destroying their homes and lives. Seriously, it is an insanity. I hope this madness ends now.

Photos taken by Adam.



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