At the flee market

Have been shopping alot lately, preparing for being 3 people in the household and I got a tip that it should be one of Southern Sweden’s biggest flee markets close to wear I live today. I love flee markets, I love to talk to the people there, I love the things you can find there and it gives you a great opportunity to find nice things cheap. I had in mind also to find a long dress but the clothes I found there was not in my taste, so I just bought books and bowls and bottles. I did also look for a baptising gift to my best friends son, but as she could see it I will not show it here yet.

Looking, talking, shopping. Looked like many people did find nice things!

Closer look on one of the tables. Nice things next to hideous things next to odd things next to more things. It surely is a treasure hunt, and I looked a long time on those bracelets in the top right corner. But ended up not buying it. Instead…

I ended up buying this. A old bowl (dirty though) and a childrens book about a cat named Pelle Svanslös (Pelle Tail Less). As I recently got a cat this did seem fitting to have! Plus it looks adorable.

Bought this gigantic bottle also. Liked the brown vintage feeling to it. But as it was really really heavy, I took a rest outside my university…

…and did finish a book. This is pretty much how I look most of the time, with my nose in a book, and if it is nice weather, I am outdoors. But as it don’t look good when I shall post my outfit, you normal don’t see it.

That is better! Standing up, facing the camera, and normal I post a few details on my outfit also. I will do so also this time, as my ring is also a flee market find.

Dress: Spotted Moth

Ring: Flee Market find

Necklace: Paola loves to shop

Shoes: Second hand

This was my day on the flee market. Do you tend to go to flee markets? If you do, do you ever find anything nice, or is it just worthless going there?



  1. Hej 🙂 Nu är tävlingen om det valfria smycket ifrån stilbruden utsedd!:) Kika in här om det blev du som vann här under:

    Nu är det så att jag startat en ny tävling där du kan vinna valfritt smycke från min webbshop! Det vore jättekul om du var med 🙂
    Du hittar tävlingen på länken här:

  2. you look great!
    Sorry I don’t quiet understand your question “What don’t you do for your blog?” the answer is probably that I haven’t been posting anything new lately – if that’s what you mean!
    Totally understand what you mean about taking pictures in public, I just can’t do it! haha

    1. Hey again. Hmm I am not sure what I did mean about that question “what don’t you do for your blog?”. I guess it was some semi philosophical thought that came out when I was blogging at 1 in the morning. Tip, don’t blog when your tired!

  3. I really like your blog, I added it to my bookmarks before I even started blogging ;D You write really nice, and you always have amazing posts and photos. If you have any spare time, I’d really like to know your opinion about my blog, especially since you have so great blog yourself, please stop by:

    Love, Love, Love 😀

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