No Place Like London

Cliché title again, I know, but I rather have good musical songs as titles to my posts. It makes me think I am somewhat a cultural creature, who enjoys the fine arts. And that song is good, in its style going from happy and cheerful, down to feeling more of that the dooms day is near. Of all the songs I heard about London, No place like London I think represents it best. Things are more intense there, in every way. The people are more intense, surprising, and so is the rhytme of the streets there. I can’t get enough of London, it is so diffrent from the calm, shy and extremly earth bond Sweden.

On my vacation, I did spend 3 days in London (the rest of the time I was on an airfield, but more on that in an other post), and I convinced my husband to go exploring the vintage and second hand stores in the central area.  I also visited the world famous umbrella shop James Smith and Sons, which made my heart beat faster. I highly recommend it for everyone who loves umbrellas, or just small specialized stores with a heart. You can’t really do everything you want to do in London on one trip (or ten), but try squize this store in. I am sure you will love it.

Oki, I can talk about this for ever, but instead I will drown you in photos instead. Not so many as the most of the shops had an anti photographing policy (which I realised to late, ops!).  We started the day with going to the umbrella store.

Umbrellas. That green one was something I did drool on for long, but the price on 150 pounds stopped me from drooling.

Cheaper umbrellas with animal head handles. My favorites are the owl of course, and the fox. This lovelies was on 75 pounds.

Sneak peek on the Umbrella my husband bought for me (he is to nice sometimes!). In really catches the essence of London I think, and will forever remind me about my love.

More umbrellas. These was a little to much old lady style for me, but I liked the style they were arranged.

We then walked further down to Berwick Street, and passed this vegetable stand. I liked the bowls so took photos of it, while we tried to find our way to Absolute Vintage…

…which was not as easy as we thought. We instead ended up passing this dragon a few times.

At last we found it. Boringly enough, Absolute Vintage was one of the shops with an anti photographing policy. But my opinion about is that it was a good shop, you could look through things there for ages, but it was hopelessly overpriced. Instead I recommend you all to go to Retro Clothing on the same street. Just as nice clothes, but a 10th of the price of Absolute Vintage.

Inside Retro Clothing. I bought my black star patterned dress here, for only 5 pounds.

Lunch break, with swedish crisps I found! Sorry to say this all english people, but you can’t make crisps (but your crumpets are lovely!).

We later walked (or took the underground) to V&A museum, but the fashion part I was interested in mainly was closed to 2012. But I still enjoyed the arts there, and the asian part was amazing to see.

More photos. I regret I did not take any photos of the gigantic carpets I found there, but I strongly recommend you to go see it yourself. This place is huge!

Going back to my husbands place after a long but nice day.  This outfit is not stylish or so, I just took it as it was comfortable because I knew I would walk alot. All of them seen in this blog before (who said you can’t show your favorites more then once?), but if you missed it, the wellies is from Everest, the dress Saints and Mortals, Socks and leggings and t-shirt HM and belt is handed down vintage.

So, this is pretty much what I did in London, which I thought was good as I was there less then 3 days in total. The post about my week on Rougham Airfield will be better.



    1. I always want more tips of places to visit in London, as this probably was not my last time going there. I checked the webstore, and it looks like something I would enjoy to visit.

  1. Awww looks like you had a brilliant trip/honeymoon!
    I love London, too! I’ve been down so many times, yet I’ve not covered everything.
    Isn’t it annoying, the No Photography policy? I understand if it’s works of art in museums, but sometimes, we just want to share our fav shops and restaurants with other people 😦

    Thank you so much for voting!! I really appreciate it! I’m up against a lot of great competition. As promised *hugs and kisses*

    1. That photography policy must be one of the annoying things ever. They did not have any at the Victoria and Albert Museum I went to but most of the shops had it. So annoying indeed! And your welcome for your vote, that outfit did really look nice on you! 🙂

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