Loving that Pattern: Oki, no idea what this pattern is called. Help?!


Hello everyone in the world! This is the last outfit post I made before I left Sweden, and it will show a few days before I will get home. Hopefully I have tons of photos to share with you guys also.  In my head, this outfit is known as “a walk on the beach” but the surroundings are so wrong. I do live by the sea, but we have a huge lack of beaches here. Everything is harbours and boats, no sandy beaches.


More photos of my pattern madness at the moment. The dominating part of this is my skirt-dress, with a big pattern (what is it called though? Any idea?) and extremely many details. If I wear it as a dress, it has buttons and bows together with this pattern and it really is quite messy itself. But sure, you get noticed from far away.

I am experimenting a little both with the poses and the light. Not so found of this photo though. I added a calm apricot coloured vest to this messy skirt, in order to make it less messy, and I thought it worked. I added bronze coloured accessories also, to make it even more calm.

Skirt: HM

Vest: HM

Necklace: Indiska

Bracelet: Local market

I guess, this one is also my last of the pattern-series. It was not a long one, but I honestly don’t own any more clothes with patterns on. You have now seen it all! But I promise, if I ever buy more clothes like that, I will make a new post in this series. I hope you did enjoy it anyway.



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