Loving that Pattern: Dots

This outfit, I thought would be the easiest as I did believe I have tons of clothes with dots on. Turns out, my tons of clothes was all underwear and/or accessories. So I took a scarf and a maxi skirt and voila, I have a dotted dress. Bonus point for it looking so pastelly.

Dress: Skirt from Rio and don’t remember where the scarf comes from.

Ring: Shop Beau Monstre

Shoes: Second hand

Hairband: HM

As I am an environmental scientist to be, reusing old clothes you have in the closet is something I truely enjoy. I try to look on clothes as raw material, I can work with them all I want, sewing them, changing them, and changing back, instead of having clothes that is like a ready-to-be-served dish. Maybe, in the end, I will combine my knowledge about the environment, and recreate (recreate, not remake!) clothes I find.

Oh, I am so tired now, been making lots of posts, and a few more is coming. When this post will show in the blog, I have left London and are on the festival area. I will be back home again the 31st!



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