Loving that Pattern: Animalprints

When this is posting, I am on my way to dear old London and my lovely lovely husband! Yey! I am so glad. We have planned lots of things to do, like going to Absolute Vintage and other places like that. I will also be one week on a festival, which is why I make posts beforehand. I don’t think they have good internet connections  at that field.

So here are my photos of my animalprints outfit. The reason why is I only had 2 pieces with animalprints, a zebra striped skirt and a purple leopard dotted vest. I could just have used any other pattern, but I so wanted these garments in the series, so here it is. I tried to pull it together with an owl necklace and a bag with an polar bear print on, to make the animal theme complete.

Vest: HM

Skirt: HM

Tights: HM

Bag: Tiger in London, gift

Bracelet: KappAhl

Necklace: Shop by Alexandra

The necklace I bought, was a disappointment as it was broken when I got it. Luckily I could fix it easily, but it is always boring to get broken things. I realised many of my clothes comes from HM, I could fit into their catalogue right away. The bag is a birthday gift from my husband, I believe it is from the Tiger store in London, but I am not sure. As I am in London, I will check that!



  1. ‘It’s always boring to get broken things.’ That is such a radical sentence. (Sorry, I’m a writer, I’m always poaching good sentences.) You look amazing. I love the tote. Enjoy the time with your belovéd and enjoy Absolute Vintage.

    1. Oh, how is it radical? I am always curious about what people think about my writing, as critic is a good way to learn. And I am having a great time here, Absolute Vintage was a good shop and need more revisits. I really like London. 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by our little blog and leaving a comment. Your blog is so cute and i particularly love your description of your growing interest in fashion – ‘The yellow socks is where I am now, Miu Miu is in my dreams’ – You are certainly there. xxx


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