Double coloured nails

Sorry for this bad photographing, but I am really stressed at the moment with me leaving on thursday and my brother having is birthday today (He is getting 12, oh getting so big now!). Been doing ten tons of things, all to make everything go smoothly with my dogs and all my things in Sweden while I am in England. I also been making a few blog posts to cheer you up while I am gone,as I will  not do much blogging without an internet connection.


As I am into a pattern at the moment, I tried to make patterns on my nails also. Nothing advanced, even if kiwi nails was so tempting to try. Instead, I used two colours on each nail, blue-purple on the left hand and black-redish purple on the right, creating two boxes of colours on each hand. After I put it on, I noticed that I had put Depend nailpolishes together on the left hand and Viva la Diva one’s together on the other. That means I did get a good chance to see which brand is best of the two and I got to say Viva la Diva wins. I only had them on a few hours, but the Depend nailpolishes is already vanishing. Bah!

Right hand. Viva la Diva nailpolishes number 20 and 53.

Good nailpolish and it last forever! If you put two layers on the nails, these can look good for almost a week! Love Viva la Diva!

Left hand. Depend Nailpolishes number 41 and 149.

As you can see, the Depend nailpolish is already getting destroyed. I took this photo 10 minutes after I painted them. Now, a few hours laters, they look horrible. They look nice, but really, don’t buy Depend ever. It is throwing the money in the lake!



  1. Very cute. Black and white would be super fun, wouldn’t it? I’m so shaky when I put on polish, I’m not sure if I would be able to achieve this…

    1. I am also shaky when I put on nail polish, but I look at it as it was a scientific experiment. It helps me to break new boundries. 🙂 And I think black and white together would look great, almost like a chess board.

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