Loving that pattern: Stripes

Oki, this is the first post of my pattern series, which I talked about earlier. It was way harder then I expected, as I had so little clothes with pattern one’s. My wardrobe is taking up space in 3 closests, and I only have around 15 clothes with diffrent patterns on. Hmm, I guess I love colourblocking more then I realised.

To really appreciate the diffrent patterns, and give myself a little more of a challenge, I made up a few simple rules:

1) Only use the clothes you got in your closet. Do not borrow or buy new clothes for this challenge.

2) One or two patterns has to be dominating.

3) You can use other garments (without patterns) in order to make an outfit. But they shall not be dominating it.

Easy rules I thought, I can pull it off, and it was funny taking all of the photos.  I started this challenge with my most dominating pattern, stripes. The clothes really made me look young, a guy in the store actually asked were my mum was and if I should use my money to buy candy. I was to tired to explain to him that I am 21 years old and it is just natural in my family to look like children for most of our adulthood.  Bah, sometimes DNA can be a pain. But I probably would be an excellent Lolita girl.

Vest: Saints and Mortals

Skirt: HM

Cardigan: Monki

Socks: Don’t remember

Wellies: Everest

Despite the childishness around this outfit, I liked it. It is an excellent outfit to wear when your out in the country on a rainy day, as it is very comfortable and no one would mistake you for a moose.



  1. I love it! So bright and colourful, perfect for the dreary weather we’ve been getting. Rather than childish, I think it’s playful hehe

  2. Ahhhh I didn’t realize you were 21 either until today! Hahaha. I suppose you won’t hate your DNA though when you’re in your 50’s and everyone looks ancient except you!

    Lovely outfit. Especially love the socks and wellies. I STILL don’t have my own pair of wellies…and I’ve been wanting them for like, 5 years now…

    1. Haha, probably yes. I will be a good looking 50 year old. And it has it advantages also, looking young. 🙂

      Same here, it took me 5 years to buy these wellies, and now they are my most used shoes. You just have to get out, with the mission to buy them and not something else (I had my mum who stopped me from buying yet another dress). Good luck getting your own wellies.

  3. You look lovely!
    Answer: I have found books that are written quite well. Like Stieg Larsson and Neil Gaiman, but nowadays, it’s so hard to find a book that I can relate to or truly love as much as Harry Potter 🙂

  4. I definitely didn’t think you were 21… but as people like to tell me “you’ll appreciate looking young when you’re 40” ; D

    I love this stripes mixing, it’s very creative. Maybe my most recent outfit could qualify for you challenge? I have two sets of polka dots and some gingham… ; )

  5. This is so fricking cute. I love how everything clashes because it makes you look really eccentric. I usually find it beneficial to get outside my comfort zone with clothes.

  6. You look lovely and may I say quite sexy wearing your Rubber Wellingtons, you certainly turn me on.

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