Day trip to Eskilstuna

Hello everyone!

I am back home from an lovely day trip to my old hometown Eskilstuna, where I did meet one of my best friends Emelie and her lovely 2 months old son. It was such a fun and interesting day, we talked for hours to catch up on what we missed during a cup of afternoon tea.


We have not seen each other since my birthday in March, which is a shame, but you know, life and that is taking up much time. We are both very active in our respective schools (she is studying to become a teacher) and of course, her baby takes up alot of time.

                                               Mother and son.

Alot of what we talked about did of course involve her son. She is the first person among the people I hang out with that has a baby, so many many people talk about him. Other subject was school, our families and just normal catching up on what is happening in both of our lives.

                                                    Street Artist.

After our 3 hour long tea drinking/girl chatting moment, we walked around the streets so I could get a little nostaligic kick (Eskilstuna is after all the town where I spent my late teenagehood in) and we also looked at one of the skilled street artist which you can see here in the summers.

                                                  Admiring her sandals

Emelie likes clothes, almost as much as I do and one subject we do talk alot about is the recent things we bought (and also the fact we have similar purple bags which we both use ALOT). Her latest find was those lovely sandals seen on this photo, according to her they were comfortable and perfect for the summer.

                                               Eskilstuna train station

My outfit of the day involves this building, but I will post it in a seperate post.

Back in Norrköping, I went to a concert (this line you will get used to) with Petter and a dinosaur on the roof. As you can see on the umbrellas, it was raining and cold, but I danced the heat in me! Great concert!

It was a good day, with lots of fun. And now it will not go months before I see my friend again as her sons baptism is in August. Looking forward to it!

Love Madeleine


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