A monument slowly raised, like a coral reef

The train station in Eskilstuna is actually really beautiful, if you lift your eyes and try to see. For me, it is somewhat of a monument over my teenagehood. Here I runned all the way from school just to meet an artist I liked, I have meet love from friends and family among its coral walls and the floors has absorbed my tears when my heart got broken for the first time. Bitter sweet memories attached to it, and I made this outfit specially for this building.

Dress: GinaTricot

Body: Monki

Leggins: HM

Shoes: Converse




    1. @Daniela: Are they coming to UK?! Oh wii! That is great, they have wonderful clothes there. Go check their store when it is opening!

      @Song Anh: I got the idea from a programme I saw, where they should find inspiration from diffrent photos and one of them was a house. That building was the first that came to my mind, and been looking forward since March to take the photos there.

  1. Wow, you really do have a lot of memories here. I love returning to places I’ve been and like the memories come flooding back.
    Cute outfit! It does match the building 🙂

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