Colourblock me

Oki, I have basically skipped this colourblock trend that was so big this spring because I was so bored about it. During big parts of my teenage hood, I have been wearing one coloured pieces together, without any patterns at all and it is still noticed in my closet today. So I have decided that soon, I will show you guys how much I actually appreciate the few items I have in my closet that got patterns, by wearing one pattern as a theme that day. Sounds like a good series?

Todays outfit was actually not what I intended to do. I tried to go for pastel, but when I was done, it felt so much not me, so I instead when the other direction and picked out this extremely colourful clothes in yellow and coral. I added a belt in green, a red bag and the colourblocking was almost complete. As I don’t own any colourful shoes, I just took my glittery dreams and added the new ring I bought. The end result? I love it, it is me, but also, way to safe, I am in my comfort zon.

Shirt: HM

Skirt: GinaTricot, actually a shirt

Belt: No brand

Ring: Shop Beau Monstre

Bag: No brand

Shoes: Second hand

This pattern series I am making is for me a trying to break out of my comfort zone. I am sure, many of you have their standard outfits and this is my own. But I wonder, what do you do in order to get out of your “normal” outfits, how is it working for you to try something diffrent?



  1. Strange because for many people, pastels/neutrals would be their comfort zone and brights would be difficult for them to wear! So, I’d have to say your sense of style is quite advanced already! I really don’t know what my normal outfits are…but I do know it’s easy for me to not wear jewelry, so I’d like to bust out of that rut and wear more. It’s just really difficult for me to style for some reason…

    I’m excited for the pattern posting series, too!

    1. I also have a hard time for jewelry, so I started to make my own and for a long time, that was the only things I did wear. Jewerly is like clothing, you have to find the right pieces you can see you wear. Neutrals/pastels for me is like brights are for everyone else, the closest pastel dress I have been wearing is my wedding dress, and I had a bright blue scarf to it, to make it more me. I have noticed though, that styling needs practice, just like everything else. I have only been actively thinking of styling since january this year, so I am a noob most of the times.

      I am to, tomorrow I am planning of holding the photo shoot with my brother or mother and then I will start to post them next week!

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