Let’s make a photo + frame

As you maybe noticed, I lately been enjoying the world of shopping second hand. It is a world with tons of lovely things, but also, extremely ugly ones are seen here and there, never getting sold. Many of my familymembers are creative and I guess that has made me also to want to change and redo things, making ugly things pretty again, and things that is considered garbage by others, I try instead of see the possibilites in them.  I found this frame below in a local second hand store, quite ugly with a post card in it. The lady who sold it said she had seen it in the store for ages, and that no one did buy it, so she was happy I bought it.

Frame with a post card in it. Next to my snack with chocolate pudding and passionfruit juice.

Right away when I got home, I painted it white. At first, I was thinking I would make my own version of this, but the more layers I did put on the frame, the more I realises it was not it’s destiny. Instead, I kept the white colour on it, making it look old and then glued some leftover decorating flowers from my wedding on them. I added a photo of my own, taken in a flower store in my old hometown Eskilstuna and the end result looked like this.

Unsure if I shall glue more flowers on it, or leave it like this.

I like this big white area on well, all photos, it is like an extra frame in the frame and making it alot more focused on the photo itself.

Funny enough, my mum (told you creativity is in the family) also like this framing idea, and a few days ago, I got the best gift ever from her. Two photos of me and my husband which I did put up on the wall today.

It fit in perfectly on one of my mood walls.

So, this is what I did today. Or well, I did bake  buns and bread and cleaned a little also, but everyone does that.

What do you do when your feeling creative? Do you paint, take photos, or make new outfits?

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