Festival in town

Two days now, it has been alot of music and stuff here, and I was not late to go there, when it was free and all! I am also a music neard of caliber, been singing for…well I don’t remember when I started, but according to mum I sang before I could talk, and I love lots of diffrent types of music, even if a few artists makes my heart beat a little faster.

I only saw like 3-4 artists of 20, as I had alot of other things to do (resturant visits, barbeque, breakfasts, snacks with brothers, late night tea, basically everything involving food and company) but I got to see the best ones (in my opinion), Sahara Hotnights and Kajsa Grytt. It was also funny to see that 50 year old Kajsa had more energy herself then all of the girls together in Sahara Hotnights. Old ladies rock best?

I kind of like this jumpsuit on Kajsa Grytt. Anyone know where it is from?

One of the girls in Sahara Hotnights. I just ended up taking lots of photos on her, as the other 3 was quite boring. Sorry about that. I love her short blond hair and the shirt is cute. Quite masculine I thought, but cute.

Festivals is also a great moment to check out other peoples styles and get inspired, as tons of diffrent styles are represented. You can see punkers, metal heads and cute girls in cute dresses moving around in same area, and oh, so much inspiration I saw. oki, I was quite scared of taking photos of random people, so I kind of ninja took some photos (3 to be exact, ninja photographing is quite hard), and here is what I collected.

Check the girl in the poncho. As I am weak for ponchos (got quite a few myself) I did check her out several times and got odd stares back. Oh I hope she did not get scared, I just admired her clothes.

A pair of legs belonging to a girl who’s entire style screamed “I don’t give a damn about what you think, I go my own way”. She had pink hair, a lovely white blouse, a necklace with hello kitty, skeleton thights and those shoes you see in the photo. I am thinking of copying her shoes, but with a “me” touch to it.

I did notice this necklace several times, and I got to say I like the homemade style of it. Looks good with her black shirt.

So, I am wondering, do you guys also look for inspiration on public areas? If so, what are you looking at, and what is catching your eye?

And how did I look then, on the first festival I was on this summer? Well, like this.

I am sorry for the expressions of pain in my face, but I tend to get quite aggressive period pains.

Skirt: HM. Actually a dress I just tied diffrently, creating a long skirt.

Vest: Do not remember. Bought it when I was 13 something, hated it during my entire teenagehood, then found it and started to love it as soon I became an adult.

Shoes: Second hand

Oki, making this post was hard, trying to just stick to the clothes, as I love music so much also.  It took me 2 hours to make this post, so now guys, you got to see end of this post. As its starting to be a little tradition, it will be just two random photos of my day today, of a cute car, a Mini to be precise and of the kebab I ate today (as I do take 100+ photos each day, I got show you a few more then just the photos of the clothes).



  1. The ponchos is very popular in this year, but I still love your H&M dress most, The way you tied is so unqiue, I love your design. The Boho’s necklace is also very beautiful!

    1. Yes, I have noticed, but I think ponchos can be worn even when they are not popular. Im glad you liked it, it is my favorite dress because you have so much possibilites to do with it. And I agree that the necklace was great, want to make me an own one.

  2. I don’t think you need to stick to just clothes if you love music! It’s your blog after all! You look really cute, and so does that singer in the striped top… and man I love street festivals. Although I was at one last night and getting home was such a pain!

    1. I hear you. Coming home from a festival is painful, but its fun while you are there. The reason I just tried to stick to one subject is that it would have a little red thread between the texts I write, but I notice that I can’t help slip in a little music in most of my posts anyway. 🙂

  3. Looks like a fun festival you went to and the fashion you saw seems very vibrant and different! I also feel awkward when I try to snap a few pictures while I’m on the street, so I usually take photos from far away. haha

    Btw, I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog and I would love it if you entered!

    1. Yes, I always try to look at the things that is diffrent, they mostly are the fun things to copy. I don’t real saw in neccesary for me to take photos of ten girls in maxi skirts, as everyone knows its a big trend already. I shall check in your blog. actually I read it alot as you write so much interesting stuff. 🙂

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