Nails and Gloss

Oki, I am not one of this girls that wear make up, as you probably noticed. Heck, I bought my first gloss in 21 years long life a few days ago, and I do not really know anything about what is good, what is bad, and what is good to use as “my” make-up. So this post will be about my tiny tiny steps into the world of make-up, when I tried out the gloss I bought.

But first, let’s talk about something I do know about. Nail polishes. My favorite brand atm is Viva la Diva and today I tried out the new colour I bought. It is a pinkish purple colour, that got a little lighter on my nails then it was on the bottle. As it was a transparent colour, I decided to experiment a little on my other hand. I had descale fragments of my black nail polish and I thought it would be good foundation to try Grafitti Nails.  This down here, is the end result.

I liked the colours together, but I am not much for this style. I rather paint geometrical symbols on my nails, to show off my love for science. But how would you ever learn, if you did not try things? 🙂

(I liked the contrast to the pattern on my dress. Just wanted to show it)

But now to the gloss test. I was extremely suspicious against the gloss as the only make-up experience I have is a little mascara for special events. I started it off with smelling it (habit I have) and was pleasently surprised it did smell of fruits.

I also liked the design of the bottle, quite imaginative illustration on it. But I got a little fooled by the flowers, I thought it would smell flowery, not fruity. Next step was to try it on, and at first I thought it felt weird, and wiped it off. Then I tried it again and I actually had it on enough time to run to a mirror and inspect the result.

The colour was not so far away from my natural colour, it was just a little more standing out then normal. I kind of liked the pink colour, I was scared it would be alot more red. It did look good with my nails and did stand out for my eyes and hair. I probably will not use it every day, but I actually liked the effect on it.

So, if any of you experts out there is seeing this, is this good?

Your sincerely make-up newbie




  1. ha, I’m 23 and I’ve never been very good with make up! I don’t like lip gloss at all, it feels weird on and I don’t like the shininess. I prefer lipstick for special events but most of the time I don’t use anything on my lips, just lip balm! I always use mascara on my eyes though.

    1. Thank you. I find it fun with nail polishes. I like to see my nails as tiny artworks and can spend hours on making them look good. But normally I just use one colour for normal days.

  2. I looooove make-up! I think the gloss is fine. Great, even. I need to pick up a lipgloss in that shade for myself.

    And I adore the graffiti nails. I hear ya, though: it’s not really my style, either, but I love it on others!

  3. more power for you for experimenting! more then what i can say, my nails are constantly the bright classic red

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