I’m singing in the rain

I know, such a cliché title, all thanks to Gene Kelly. But it is true. I did sing while I tried out my new wellies. But I did not sing the Gene Kelly song, instead I sang a swedish folk song. This photo set was a little hard to take though, as the rain was so heavy and when it finally did clear up, I was sweating to death because of the moisture in the air. But I enjoy blogging, so here are the photos taken with my digital camera.

Wellies: Everest

Dress: Vila

Bag: IM Fairtrade

Umbrella: Gift from participating in Spring Pride 2008

Brooch: UNICEF Needle

This last picture I just took to show how heavy rain it was. Amazing! I actually got so happy that I got to try my new wellies right away, and I did jump in every puddle I could see. Gosh, I felt like a little child again. The Everest Wellies was a good investment, they keep the moisture out and they are comfortable. I just had to buy a size bigger then normal as my heel did not get room otherwise.

This Fairtrade bag I got created a minor trend among my friends. I did buy one and then 3-4 of my friends bought one also. They are cheap, they look good (mine is a year old and still look like new) and the people who made it get fairly paid. I also have a wallet in same material and colour. I shall show it if I ever make “What is in my bag?” post.

I am a little sad about my Umbrella. It is my only one and I had it for quite some time, and now it is broken. Does anyone know an Umbrella Repairer? I do not want to throw mine.

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    1. Hehe, I did not either for an really long time. But I will need them soon as I will go to a wet rainy field in England for about a week. No others shoes did seem fitting for it.

  1. I really like the red and black combo. Your wellies matches your brolly! hehe But sorry to hear that it’s broken 😦
    I actually like the all red wellies you have on. I’m not a fan of those with bold whacky prints like leopard or ducks or something hehe

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