I know I do talk about this a lot, but who does not love summertime? Yesterday, I went to swim again, along with a few guys (brothers + brother’s friends) and it gave me a great chance to take lots of photos that I think is a part of summer. Sunshine, flowers, animals, bathing and nice lovely bikinis (I do love bikinis. I’ve got 5 I use on a regular basis!). But enough talking from me, here are the photos.

Bikini: Stadium

This last photo is not so serious, but I had fun when it was taken, and that is what matters? Right? All of these photos was taken today during diffrent times of the day. None of them are edited and most of them are blurry, but I somewhat liked the blurriness of them because they show happiness and good times I think. The animal photos is because I’ve got an obsession with taking nice photos of animals. They are all so cute! There’s lots of grass because I don’t like sandy beaches, so I always go to bathing places with either stone piers or grass, as it is what I prefer. Oki, enough explanation of the photos.

I am not sure what I am trying to say with this post. Probably only that life is here to be lived, enjoy it!

That sounded like a great ending to this…so this post is now ended. Have fun all!



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