Second hand shopping

Hey all!

I went out shopping today in second hand stores together with my mum, as I got a tip from Virgine that it is a good way to get new clothes cheaply. We did not visit so many, but we went for the large one’s, and found lots of things that I wanted to take  home with me and put them in my bed and sleep with them. But I had to think logically and not buy that amazing brown and blue sun hat, or those colourful bags or yet an other dress. Instead, I went shoe shopping. I have mentioned it before on this blog, I hate shoe shopping, but in this store around the corner, I found a pair of glittery shiny dreams, for just 100 kr (€11)! I also bought these red wellies. I know I talked about a pair of baby blue ones, but I walked by these red  ones and thought it would look great with my umbrella I already had. It does not mean I’ve given up on the baby blues!

Wellies: Everest/Stadium

Glitter Heels: Thrifted

Those glitter dreams (I named them that), actually remind me of this photo taken with Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu.

Full of glittery dreams there, even if I am wondering why they chose a 14 year old to model? Actually, I think I will discuss this in a different post. Back to my shopping day.

As here are sales here (as everywhere else) I also decided to buy new nail polish from Viva la Diva and I got convinced to buy a lip gloss from Maybelline MNY. Cheap actually, I got both of them for 40 kr (€3). I shall try them later and tell you what I thought. 🙂

Then, exhausted of the shopping and the heat wave, we went to a bakery and tried out their new cakes there. As I promised you guys 3 new posts by making this post (I am an expert on giving myself extra work!) I will end this with sharing them with you. Mouth watering photos ahead!



  1. I especially love the fact that there’s not only a Jonas Gardell book in your bookshelf – but also one from Pollux Hästbokklubb! ❤ ❤ ❤ I used to love the books from there SO much when I was a kid… Eller, som vi säger på svenska, när jag var liten. 🙂
    Tack för din kommentar, det var verkligen en inspirerande berättelse! Jag har aldrig tvingats sluta med något jag verkligen brinner för, och kan inte föreställa mig hur svårt det måste vara. Jag är verkligen glad att du funnit och utvecklat andra talanger!


    1. Jag har verkligen svårt för att kasta mina kära böcker. De hänger med mig överallt och min samling blir bara större och större. Det är ju minnen. 🙂 Och jag är glad att du gillade min berättelse, jag minns att de första månaderna var jobbiga, men allting blir bättre, när man väl hittat andra saker man kan.

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