Any colour that she wants so long as it is black

Hey all people out there. I am not sure how many will read this as the summer is offically here, but here is a new outfit post from little me.  This is one of my absolut favorite outfits and I do wear it alot as I feel it is me in every single inch. All from the high pony tail, to the black pumps. This is me. Normally I also have orange leggings to it and knee socks, but it was way to hot for it, as you can see in the photos. 8 in the evening and the sun shines like it will never die. Goosh, I so love swedish summer. The light here is amazing, not like anything further south (oki, now I am just guessing, as I have not been in all countries further south, but I got this idea it is to hot).  And the foods, like herring (which I tried for the first time this midsummer, it tasted like gingerbread I thought) and fresh strawberries.  And the bathing the lakes, ice cold and fantastic. And that you get to spend time with your family and friends, like I did today. I was at my mums place and I got a gift from her (two picture frames with me and my husband) and played with my brother Dante in the park. All perfect and it belongs to the swedish summer. Oki, I will stop now writing about what I love about the swedish summer. Here are my outfit photos!

Skirt: Vila

Cardigan: Second hand (got it from a classmate)

Vest: GinaTricot

Shoes: Deichmann

What is your favorite thing with the summer in your respective countries? Is it the heat, or the rain, or the flowers. Lots of memories, good foods? Or that you can wear pretty dresses? Whatever you love with the summer, please tell me? 🙂

This post is actually my favorite so far on this blog, I feel so happy today, and I hope my good mood is showing to all of you guys. Have a great week!

Lots of love




  1. Swedish summer sounds great. In London I love the effect of summer on people; everyone relaxes and becomes expansive, willing to loiter and to talk. People hang around outside, chatting or eating and drinking at outside tables. The days are long (we think so anyway) and the evenings are warm. I was on my allotment until after 9 today, just in summer clothes. Then it was starting to get dark but some people were still working.

  2. Loved these photos! I think you look lovely. I think the best part of my summers are visiting my family in Japan since I usually go back to Japan after school ends. Family time is the best time. 🙂

    1. I agree with you, being with the family is the best part with the summers. You got so much time to be with them during summer. No school to go to, no meetings, you can enjoy their company without being stressed out.

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