Heat wave

Happy summer all. It is finally summer here, but I had to be indoors all day, trying to get in touch with goverment people and all that  stuff. It is pretty amazing how hard it is to talk with a person there, you always gets like “No, she is in a meeting”, “He is on vacation”, “Sorry, but we have 196 people before you in line, please hold!”. All of these things I have heard today. At the end of the day (like 22.00, you can’t see that in the photo though as in don’t really get dark here on the summer), I got enough of everything and sat down and relaxed under my favorite oak. I also took some time and did take some photos of my outfit…nothing fancy, just old clothes I found deep in my closet. I guess when you don’t have alot of money (I am a student, no student can afford lots of clothes during summertime = Shopping Spree good bye!), you have to make the best of what you have. 🙂

Skirt: Rio (store in Stockholm that sells Goth clothes, and this wonderful skirt)

Shirt: No label, got it from my class Clothes Swopping Day

Jacket: From Zelda, a now closed store in Eskilstuna

Nevermind my red face, I have not runned, I just get burnt by the sun today, as normal. I never get brown, I instead end up looking like a lobster. Guess why I only travel on winters? Well, except this summer, I will go to both Scotland and England, but normally I mean.

Have a great heat wave!



  1. I like the outfit! I know what it’s like being a student. I’m a student AND a new mother. We can’t afford much of anything–it all goes to diapers and the like!

    And, OHMYGOSH–it’s still that light at 22:00 there?! I think I might become nocturnal if that’s what it were like here. Luckily for us, the sun starts to set around 20:00 and is completely set by 20:30 or 21:00.

  2. Thanks. I know, student money is not much to cheer for. We can just hope it will soon be better. Congrats on the baby though. 🙂

    And yep, it is so light here are on the summers, but it is the opposite on the winters. Then it gets dark around 13-14, so quite alot of changes in the weather.

  3. What a delightful blog! I’m jealous of your black nail polish – I can’t ever seem to pull it off in a way that looks as chic (probably because I bite them down! haha).

    1. Well, the tip to get great nails is to use cuticle oil and a good handcream. I make a manicure on myself also every month, to make them look nice, as I have noticed it makes me careful about them. 🙂

    1. Yep. I tried to get to talk to a person inside the goverment and have a meeting with her, but I did not go so good. And thanks for your comment, the skirt is one of my favorites but I have been scared of using it before.

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