My favorite of the resorts

As many people noticed, the resorts images is now out and many people write about their favorite parts. I shall not be worse, so here comes my favorite outfits on the resorts I have been looking at.

Peter Pilotto Resort S/S12

I really like the naturalistic touch to the Peter Pilottos clothing, but I also like that it is not obvious floral (no pretty neat motifs of various flowers).  The dress to the right reminds more about the leaves and the stem of a green plant. The left dress I picked because it had some floral, but it was nicely cut off with the red/blue area, making it more abstact looking.

Acne Resort 2012

Truth be told. When I first looked at Acne’s clothes I got a little dissappointed. I am tired of the clothes being entirely in one colour, without patterns. I guess that is more me then the Acne clothes itself, because I have been wearing one coloured clothes during most part of my teenage years. But then I found this two outfits and I actually love that pattern on the dress/shirt. It is also as you can see, good being combined with diffrent colours, and the pale yellow and the turqoise is something that I could see in many resorts. Maybe that is next years two big colours? I hope so.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2012

It was alot of black leather, and white lace in McQueens resort, but that did not make my heart rush. Black leather, I mean seriously, we don’t need more animals getting killed in order to make clothes (this is my personal opinion!). But these two outfits I liked, and it seems like the naturalistic theme comes again in these. The right outfit with its shimmering animal print details in gold, and the left with its clean green look. Directly from the jungle?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2012

More naturalistic from the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand. I have spotted 3 trends in next years clothing, natural images, romantic lace and neat pastels colours (like yellow, pink, turqoise) and masculine details with clean lines and leather. Have you done the same?

Stella McCartney Resort 2012

I did like the Stella McCartney clothes, and choose these two because of their clean lines. Notice the snake print on the bag, I loved it. I think it is safe to say that yellow will be a good colour to wear this year, and that makes one person (aka me) extremely happy. What is your thoughts? (Goosh that took forever, who realised putting together a resort post would take so much time?)



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