First swim at lake Ensjön

Hey everybody. As the weather was great today, me and my brother Jonathan did take our bikes out to Lake Ensjön (Ensjön means One Lake in swedish, if you find that interesting) with some sodas, ice cream and berries, to take our first swim outdoors for this year. When we got there, it was only us two, and that gave us a great opportunity to have a siblings talk. It was the perfect ending of an great weekend.

Mika – Big Girl (You are beautiful)

I did have some concerns about showing these photos on my blog, as I am ashamed of my body, and felt quite bad over how I looked for a long time. But I been working hard to get my self esteem up, and realised that no one can look perfect. So I am now taking the bulls by the horns and declare myself proud over how I look.  So this below is my photos of a day on the beach with my brother, but they are also a test for me, to prove I am not ashamed anymore.

Bikini: Gina Tricot

Nail Polish: Viva la diva

Sunglasses: Lindex

In the fashion industry, and also in the normal world, it is such an hysteria around how people shall look and how people shall be. Be skinny, be blonde, be long, don’t eat that, wear this, don’t wear that, so many do’s and don’ts, it is a miracle so many people are still themselves, being unique and dare to be what they want. Dare to be the person they were mean’t to be. I guess this post is a little tribute to all you lovely unique people out there. Continue be unique! I promise I am on my way there.



    1. That sounds great, I live next to the Baltic Sea, but it is closer to this small little lake. And thanks for thinking so, I have been wrestling with bad self esteem for quite some time. Your comment actually made me feel little better. 🙂

      1. I think so also. If it so make one person a little happier over themselves, I have succeded. And it is also good for myself to get a better self esteem.

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